What is Forgiveness?

Is it the same thing as saying I’m sorry? I believe we have, as a society, reduced forgiveness into a mere “I’m sorry”. That is not what forgiveness is about! We do not ask forgiveness if we accidentally step on someone’s toe. I mean we did not just sin did we? You only need to ask for forgiveness if you sin; either against God, yourself or someone else. Therefore we do not say “will you forgive me for stepping on your toes”, we say “I’m sorry that I stepped on your toes”, because you are sorry. You did not mean to do it, but in doing so, you did not sin against them. You just accidentally stepped on their toes.

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What is Fearless Obedience

Obeying what you know to accomplish that which you do not know

Let’s break this down, first what does fearless mean? I use to think it was the absence of fear or an unconcern for safety. In reality fearless is much different, the best definition I could find was “A calm resolute in facing your fears”. Resolute can be interpreted as “Admirably purposeful, determined or unwavering”. It means you know and recognize the dangers but face them headstrong. This leads to the question of how do you become fearless? Ironically fearlessness comes from obedience, therefore obedience to God helps us to become fearless because we know that we will have what He said we can have. Basically we know that He keeps His promises.

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