We need to get back to praising God!

We should all Praise God every day. We thank Him for what He gives and does for us, but do we Praise Him? What is praise?

Praise is when we are genuinely joyful for something that has been done, either for us or by someone else. When our children do something that genuinely makes us happy, even if it is not for us, we praise them because we think they deserve it. When you do a good job at work and your supervisor praises you, do you think you deserve that? Why should you deserve it, you get paid to do your best.

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First day working for myself

What a whirlwind day!  It’s been exciting coming into the office knowing that this will be my new permanent environment.  Our employees were happy to see me and understand the great strengths that I bring to our humble group.  We have a very strong core group each with our own unique strengths.  I am so pleased with the employees that Chris has hired and the job he has done at managing the company prior to me coming on-board full-time.  I’m still feeling a bit new around here as everyone runs around doing their daily tasks and I’m standing around a lot asking, “What can I do, how can I help?”.

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Breaking up is so hard to do…

I never realized how much it would effect me to finally put in my resignation from my current job.  We never seem to think about the relationships we’ve formed with our co-workers over the course of our tenure with whatever company.  I’m finding out that saying goodbye is an extremely difficult thing to do, more so than I had imagined.  In fact I never thought it would be difficult, I mean it’s not like I’m saying goodbye forever, right?  When you start saying your goodbyes you begin analyzing the relationships you had with your co-workers and all the memories, good and bad.

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