Breaking up is so hard to do…

I never realized how much it would effect me to finally put in my resignation from my current job.  We never seem to think about the relationships we’ve formed with our co-workers over the course of our tenure with whatever company.  I’m finding out that saying goodbye is an extremely difficult thing to do, more so than I had imagined.  In fact I never thought it would be difficult, I mean it’s not like I’m saying goodbye forever, right?  When you start saying your goodbyes you begin analyzing the relationships you had with your co-workers and all the memories, good and bad.

There are good friends, close friends, work friends and non-friends;  inevitably you begin classifying all your co-workers as you prepare to say your goodbyes.  Then the ultimate question pops in your head, how do you say goodbye?  Do you make a generic goodbye statement that you use for everyone or do you tailor your goodbyes according to the specific relationship?  Perhaps it’s a mixture of the both or it’s just a matter of winging it?  The thing I want to avoid is forgetting to say goodbye to someone.  All of the relationships I have formed at my current job is important to me and they all have affected my growth in some way or another.

Tomorrow is the big day, my last day.  I have been thinking about it a lot lately and not for the typical reasons.  Such as being excited to leave and beginning my new adventure.  No, instead my thoughts have been more about the impact it is going to have on my employer and co-workers.  The burden of trying to find someone qualified enough to fill my position and, more importantly, be able to jump right in, seems unfair to leave them with.  Not to mention the years of training and grooming, or the acute knowledge of the inner-workings of the company.  My co-workers having to take on extra duties until a replacement is found.  My close friends feeling as if they have lost a friend.  How do you cope with that and move on?  Is there even an answer?

We’ll find out tomorrow….

One thought on “Breaking up is so hard to do…

  1. May says:

    Saying good bye is always hard. You would think after all the practice I have had, I would know how to handle it, but I hate good bye. No matter what your intentions are, you never keep up with people the same way when you don’t see them daily. But no matter how hard good byes are, if you know you are doing what God wants you to, what He has planned for you, then you can be sure He will help you through it. I am praying for your day. I love you.

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